What The Saint George Parish, Southgate, Michigan Offers to Our Young

What The Saint George Parish, Southgate, Michigan Offers to Our Young

Every Orthodox Christian Parish is sacredly entrusted to nurture spiritually and educationally our young. Here at Saint George we carry on this mandate to teach and infuse our Orthodox Faith in our children and by example to inspire them in our Orthodox Christian ideals. We labor to raise our young—Saint George’s Treasures—“with God’s education and exhortation.” We remind them throughout the year that they will succeed in life when they do “whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lively, whatever is admirable…” Saint Paul in Philippians 4:8 emphasizes. The areas outlined below reflect Saint George’s obedience to our Church Teachings and the Saints:


Church Curriculum: This is Christ and Orthodox Christian centered and comprehensive. Classes meet for one hour each Sunday, September to June, after the Divine Liturgy. Each class has Class Requirements that need to be met by June. To defray books and supplies expenses, each student pays an annual of $15 fee. At the Closing Exercises in June, each student receives a class gift—expenses totaling about $1200—and his book with the aim to build a personal home library for that child to continue to grow in the Faith. Outgoing 3rd graders also receive a Bible. The college graduates receive the Orthodox Study Bible.


Additionally: Two Communion Breakfasts are offered during the year, a Christmas Program and Luncheon, and pizza during the Operation Christmas Child Assembly.

Saint John Chrysostom Oratorical Festival: Since 1983 for most of these 28 years, our parish has participated in this Archdiocesan program. Each orator receives a $100 value U.S. Savings Bond and each finalist in the Jr. and Sr. Division receives a $200 bond. Students benefit beyond this offering from researching, writing, and finally speaking out on a topic on the Orthodox Faith. For orators who advance to the national level, Saint George pays the traveling and lodging expenses for the orator and parents.



Every camper pays the first $100, and the Parish pays the remaining fee (e.g., presently, the camp fee is $330 per camper, per week). The camper’s family pays $100, and the Parish $230 every camper. 



For every GOYA activity, the family pays $100 and the Parish the remaining amount (e.g., the 2010 trip to Boston was $275. The family paid $100 and the Parish $175). We had 11 participants (some of the participants did not pay anything). Also, the Parish pays a reasonable amount for any local activity that involves expenses.



Every high school graduate who qualifies receives a $1,000 college scholarship. See the College Scholarship Requirements.



Care Packages are sent twice a year—fall and spring semesters—to on campus college students. Additionally, Name Day Cards and $15 Gift Cards are sent to all commuting and on campus college students. An annual Christmas Dinner is hosted between Christmas and New Year’s to all commuting and on campus students.



A scholarship fund of $200,000 established by a faithful parishioner in Father Philemon Karamanos’ name is available to any parish student who attends Hellenic College/Holy Cross Seminary in Brookline, MA.  Dividends and/or interest from this fund is given as a scholarship to a qualified, parish student.



This year we have 4 teachers for 28 students.   The parish assumes the fees set by the parents for those families unable to pay.