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Vasilopita 2020

Father Karamanos, Father Anthony, Philoptochos officers, Parish council officers, Ladies and Gentlemen –Happy New Year – Chronia Polla - welcome to our annual Vasilopita dinner – we hope you enjoyed your meal!

I’d like to introduce our St George Ladies Philoptochos officers – my name is Georgia Stahl and I am this year’s President. Fran Kontos is Vice President, Mary Frosinos is Treasurer, Elena Malonson is Recording Secretary and Dr. Eleni Dionyssopoulos is Corresponding Secretary. Maria Kostaras is Past President, Advisor and Vasilopita Chairperson.

Also, at the head table are our Parish Council officers – Nick Minton President; Stavros Dionyssopoulos Vice President; Lou Kircos Treasurer; John Diamantis Assistant Treasurer; Kim Moody Secretary.

St Luke said, “from everyone who has been given much – much will be demanded and from one who has been entrusted with much – much more will be asked.”

On behalf of St George Ladies Philoptochos, I would like to thank our sponsors for today’s lunch and all of you for your generosity over the past year. Please look on the Philoptochos bulletin board across from the church office to see the details of where your donations benefitted. Under the leadership of Maria Kostaras, past Philoptochos president – St George Ladies Philoptochos donated over $17,000 last year to 19 National and 6 Metropolis obligations and to 11 local and other charities. There is a list of those donations on your tables, but the details of the National and Diocese obligations are on the bulletin board. On your tables are newsletters we have received from our various charities – please take a moment to look them over, feel free to take them home to read at your leisure.

We would like to thank Maria Kostaras for her hard work as Past President and Chairperson of today’s Vasilopita dinner and the master baker of the delicious vasilopita.

Today we collected $327 for St Basils Academy in Garrison New York. If you forgot your checkbook – or would like to make an individual donation, I have envelopes at the head table for your use.

During the Artoclasia service, we chant that wealthy people have become impoverished and have hungered, but they who seek the Lord shall not lack any good thing.

In February, we will be collecting hats, gloves, scarves and socks for the homeless – particularly homeless men. There will be a container in the hallway between the church and the Grecian Center for your donations. If you would like to make a cash donation for us to purchase needed items, please make your check out to St George Ladies Philoptochos and put ‘homeless’ in the memo section.

During the year, we will be passing several trays to benefit various charities. We thank you in advance for your donations. The charities and dates we will be passing the trays will be on the calendar you will receive with the Trophy Bearer and with the Sunday bulletin.

We invite you to join our St George Ladies Philoptochos. We meet the first Sunday of the month and our meetings are usually an hour or less.

At this time, I’d like to ask Maria Kostaras to come to the podium

Thank you for all your hard work for the Ladies Philoptochos Society.

Many thanks to today’s sponsors and to all of you for attending the Vasilopita luncheon today.