Religious Education Initiative
Weekly readings for parish households to read and discuss, along with brief reflections from Fr. Anthony Learn more »

Parish Council
The Parish Council meets the 3rd¬†Thursday of each month at the Church at 7 pm. Learn more »

Deaconess Tower

55 & Over
We are the 55 and Over Club for Seniors, ages 55 and over. We began in 1989 with our Greek seniors from Deaconess Tower. Learn more »

Altar Boys

As a choir member it will help you to learn more about our Orthodox Faith and give you the opportunity to pray in a very special way.¬†Remember we are not performing, we are praying. Learn more »

Sunday School

St. George Scholarship Program
This scholarship fund recognizes those students who have actively participated in the spiritual and philanthropic life in the Parish Community. Learn more »

What The Saint George Parish, Southgate, Michigan Offers to Our Young
Here at Saint George we carry on this mandate to teach and infuse our Orthodox Faith in our children and by example to inspire them in our Orthodox Christian ideals. Learn more »

G.O.Y.A. is the Church's youth group for ages 12-18. Learn more »

Greek School

Hope and Joy is an organization for families with young children between the ages of newborn to 11 years (J.O.Y.). Learn more »