The Orthodox Church views all Church services as sacred. As such, we each have a duty as serious worshipers to see that a respectful decorum and atmosphere are maintained so that the congregation can pray sincerely, peacefully without distractions, and meaningfully. Please note these guidelines:

•When entering the Church, especially during services, remember that you are in God's House. Be reverent and mindful of others engaged in prayer. This also is an expression of your faith and awareness of God's Presence.

•Refrain from any conversations, chit chat in the Narthex or in any part of the Church.

•Wear modest and appropriate attire. Common sense and good judgment should prevail.

•Refrain from chewing gum.

•Avoid wearing lipstick when venerating the icons and receiving Holy Communion.

During the Church Service, please do not move about during these parts. They are:

  1. Procession of the Priest and Altar Boys with the Gospel—Little Entrance
  2. Reading of the Epistle and Gospel
  3. Cherubic Hymn and the Great Entrance with the Holy Gift
  4. The Nicene Creed
  5. The Hymn 'Se Ymnoumen' and the Consecration of the Holy Gifts (kneeling)
  6. Lord's Prayer
  7. Holy Communion
  8. Sermon or Homily
  9. Dismissal Prayer
  10. Any special services—Memorials, Procession of Icons, etc.


Stop, wait, and stand reverently. One basic rule: Whenever the priest faces the people or is outside the altar on the solea, either censing or blessing, everyone should stand wherever he is. 

*Information on Baptisms and Weddings at Saint George Greek Orthodox Church: To prepare for a wedding, prospective couples are expected to attend marriage classes. For this and for Baptisms, please contact the Church Office.